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Site Help

Personal Profile

Q. What is my personal profile?

Your personal profile is based on the questions that you answered when you registered. painACTION uses this profile to recommend information that fits you best. You can update this profile by selecting the “Update My Profile” in the Welcome box and changing your existing information.

Next Steps

Q. How do I use Next Steps?

Next Steps are recommended for you based on your profile and the activities you complete on the site. These items change as you visit various pages and are meant to guide you towards information that best suits you. To make it easier to decide what to do next, the steps are divided into three categories.    

  • Lessons: “how-tos” that show you different practical methods of managing pain
  • Expert Recommended: articles, self-checks, and tools based on information that you provide
  • What Other Users are Viewing: shows you what people with profiles similar to yours are viewing


Q. Why is it important to complete Self-Checks?

Self-checks are short questionnaires that provide you with a personal score and reports on important health areas related to pain. Self-checks also help painACTION make suggestions about information that fits you best. After completing a self-check, you will probably notice new suggestions on My Page.

Daily Tracker

Q. What is the Daily Tracker?

The Daily Tracker is a tool that you can use to keep a record of different aspects of pain and how it affects your daily functioning. This information will be very important for your health care visits, so we have made it easy for you to view and print a report of your functioning over the past month.

Q. Why can’t I see the chart in the Daily Tracker?

If you have not entered data into your daily tracker, you may just see a blank chart. Enter today’s information and save. If you are still having trouble seeing the chart, contact for more assistance.

Q. How do I turn off the Daily Tracker reminder?

Below the daily tracker calendar there is a link to turn the reminder on/off. Select the link and “confirm” on the pop-up tool tip. Once you select confirm that the reminder will be set to your selection. Repeat these steps to reverse your reminder selection.

Q. Why can’t I enter my pain ratings for days other than today?

Research shows that one’s memory can affect how the pain ratings are made. The sooner you enter the information in the tracker the better. That is why we limit the tracker to today’s ratings.

Q. I set a Daily Tracker reminder, but why am I not receiving it?

Please contact if you are not receiving your email reminder.

Shared Knowledge

Q. What is Shared Knowledge?

Shared Knowledge is our term for pain management methods submitted by our User Panel, by our Advisory Group, or by expert Inflexxion staff. painACTION offers a place to learn about methods that people have found to be effective. Keep in mind, however, that this advice may or may not work for you. If you have any questions, you should check with your physician.

General Problems

Q. Why can’t I print the report?

When you select “print” on the report page a print dialog box should appear on the screen. If you are seeing this box, then the print functionality problem may exist with your current computer settings. In this instance, try selecting “print” from your browser. If you are still experiencing problems, it would be best to check your printer configurations and try again.
If you are not seeing the print dialog box, please contact

Q. Why can’t I see the videos?

All videos in painACTION are Flash files. Please ensure that you have the Adobe Flash player downloaded. Versions of this can be found at the Adobe website.

Q. What do I do if the audio appears to be playing, but I can’t hear anything?

If you’ve turned up your volume, checked your speakers, and checked your audio drive and you are still having trouble then it may be an audio player issue. Make sure that you have the Adobe Flash player installed. The audio player also requires that Adobe Flash player is installed for the audio to play properly. Versions can be found at the Adobe website.