Month: September 2008

Understanding your medications: Triptans

What are triptans? Migraine headaches are treated using a variety of medications, sometimes alone, or sometimes in combination with each other. One group of medications, called triptans, is often used to treat debilitating recurring migraine headaches, and work in a unique way. Rather than trying to temporarily relieve headache pain, triptans work to abort (or stop)… Read more »

Overusing your medications: What can happen

When you feel a migraine headache coming on, you naturally reach for your usual medication, even if it’s more often than you should. If your headaches are frequent, occurring 15 or more days a month and requiring more frequent medication than intended, you may become at risk of developing medication overuse or “rebound” headaches. This… Read more »

Quiet your migraine!

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you’ve probably been there. You have a major migraine headache and all you want to do is to cover your head with a pillow and block out all light and sound. Why is that? An abnormal sensitivity to light is described by the medical term “photophobia”, and an abnormal… Read more »

The link between stress and migraines

Stress is the response we have to situations that demand that we focus our minds and bodies in some way. Some stress can be thrilling, such as the exhilaration of negotiating a ski trail down a steep mountain. Other stress can be unpleasant, such as the anxiety of being late for a presentation at work,… Read more »

Migraines in daughters: Parenting with emotional support

How do you parent a daughter with migraine? If you don’t have migraines yourself, you might wish that you understood better what she was going through. On the other hand, you may know all too well. Migraine tends to run in families, so if you are a mother with migraine you may have a daughter… Read more »