Month: August 2010

Help, I’ve fallen and will get up

Contributed by: Karen Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, August 2010 Karen is 47 years old and lives in Arizona.  Thirteen years ago, she slipped and fell on icy steps, injuring her lower back and sacrum. She then had two surgeries.  Prior to her fall Karen rode horses daily.  Now, in spite of her pain, she… Read more »

I’ve decided that the only person that can help me is me

Contributed by: Omega Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, July 2010 Omega is 22 years old and lives in Tennessee.   I developed CRPS last year after a shoulder surgery gone bad. [Complex regional pain syndrome, also known as CRPS, is a painful neuropathic pain condition]. I never thought that I would develop chronic pain.  Now nine months later… Read more »

How I convinced myself that my body was not injured

Contributed by: Sherri Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, July 2010 Sherri is a 49-year-old medical writer from Utah with neuropathic pain (complex regional pain syndrome). I’m replying in response to your question about how people with neuropathic pain have convinced themselves that their bodies are no longer injured. I developed CRPS after a wrist break/surgery;… Read more »