Month: October 2010

It began with brushing my teeth: Managing my life and facial pain before and after surgery for a brain tumor

Contributed by: Stephanie Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, October 2010 Stephanie, a 48 year old wife and mother, is a native of Indiana. Just over three years ago, I began to experience strange sensations: sudden, temporary, bursts of electrifying pain surging through the left side of my face and head, seemingly triggered by brushing my… Read more »

Managing chronic pain at work

Benefits of working Besides providing a regular source of income, working is important to most people in several ways.  People need to feel productive.  Being able to work boosts self-esteem and helps you to feel at your productive best. The challenges of work, a job well done, and interactions with co-workers, can be rewarding in… Read more »

Don’t be afraid to discuss money with your health care provider

Money is not a topic that health care providers and patients often discuss.  But health care providers need to know as much as possible about you to plan for your best medical care.  How able you are to afford health care related expenses, without causing a major impact on your life, is important for your… Read more »