Living with arthritis pain will NOT stop me from playing golf with my friends

Contributed by: Deborah
Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, December 2011

Deborah has pain from arthritis. Initially she sent painACTION only the first paragraph below. We asked her to write more so that other painACTION readers could learn what she does that makes it possible for her to continue to play golf. Deborah then submitted the rest of this story.

I am retired and live in south Florida where the weather is almost always sunny and warm. I refuse to let my arthritis pain totally interfere with living my life. Chronic pain in my hands, wrists and feet sometimes does make me re-think going out and enjoying the day. But, with the help of prescription strength naproxen or ibuprofen I try not to think about the pain. I have enjoyed playing golf with friends for many years. Golf helps me forget about my problems and pain for a while so I refuse to give up that part of my life.

I can’t walk the course anymore because of my arthritis so I always play in a golf cart. On bad pain days the golf course allows me to put a flag on my golf cart allowing me to drive right to my ball even in restricted areas where golf carts aren’t normally allowed.

Being with the same friends I have enjoyed playing golf with over the years is very important to me. Golf is also a very social activity and I did not want to give up playing golf with my friends and enjoying their company, (as well as enjoying being outdoors).

I do always wear a wrist band which gives me more support and relieves some of my arthritis pain as I play. As far my golf score, I have never been a very competitive player but golf now keeps me active and helps me forget about my pain. In fact I think playing golf and using my joints and muscles actually makes my arthritis pain feel better.

I suppose the expression “where there is a will there is a way” comes to mind.  I think that is true with managing my arthritis pain too!


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