Cancer and hair loss

Contributed by: Survivor
Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, January 2009

I’m a breast cancer survivor. From the time I was about 5 years old my hair has been my best and favorite feature. When my oncologist told me two out of my three chemotherapy drugs would cause hair loss, I was crushed. I wasn’t sure how I would handle being bald and I needed to find an interesting and creative way to deal with the problem.

I had to keep working during my treatment so I had to find something I could do every day. I got a wig from the cancer support house but it was too hot and itchy and I just didn’t feel like myself when I put it on.

I started doing research from websites, videos and books, and I found several ways to tie scarves and bandanas. My friends and I bought all kinds of hat, scarves, and bandanas and I had a completely different hairstyle every time I left the house. I learned to wear big and earrings and how to wear my make-up to accentuate my eyes instead of the lack of my hair.

Now that I have my hair back sometimes I actually miss being able to just tie a scarf on my head and go, instead of washing drying and curling my hair, taking an hour to get ready for work.

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