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The facts about weight loss myths

For many people, losing weight helps them manage their chronic pain.  Losing weight can help ease the burden on muscles and bones, and can be especially helpful for people with back pain or pain from osteoarthritis.  Unfortunately, there are many weight-loss myths that can make it hard to try to lose weight.  Here are some… Read more »

Alcohol and chronic pain

People have been using alcohol to help cope with chronic pain for many years. Many people also may use alcohol as a way to manage stress, and chronic pain often can be a significant stressor. Research studies have found that as many as 28% of people with chronic pain use alcohol as a pain management… Read more »

Oh, my aching back: Learning about spinal osteoarthritis

For many of us, pain is a big part of the aging process: Our joints may get stiff and achy, and we may have trouble moving around the way we used to. Since the back has joints just like the other bony parts of the body (such as your hips and knees), it’s no surprise that your… Read more »

Your pain medication: Don’t mix and match

When you take prescription pain medication, what happens to it? Some people may think that the medication finds its way to a special “pain medicine” compartment in the body, which then sends it out to where the pain is. This is actually not what happens. When you take medications some of the organs in your body become… Read more »

Pain and the brain

Pain is complicated. It is a result of much more than the initial disease or injury that set it off. In the past, people believed that pain signals traveled only one way – from a nerve injury up to the brain. Scientists have now learned that the brain has the ability to act like a… Read more »

Getting rid of unneeded medicines: Out of sight is not out of mind

When Kate agreed to help clean her grandmother’s house, she had no idea that she’d find so many pill bottles! There seemed to be prescription drugs everywhere: one for high blood pressure, one for glaucoma, another for chest pain. . . it was a long list. By the time she was done cleaning, Kate had… Read more »

‘Off-label’ use of medication

What is a medication label? Before a new medication can be sold on the market, the law requires that the manufacturer prove to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the medication is an effective and safe treatment for a particular medical condition. This is done through months, and sometimes years, of costly scientific research,… Read more »

Interventional procedures to help back pain: Pros and cons

If you are reading this article, you probably have back pain that has not responded to conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, or medications. You are still in pain and you feel that you need more help.   The options described in this article take pain management to a higher level. They are called procedural or interventional treatments because… Read more »

Thinking of joining a clinical trial?

 What is a clinical trial? A clinical trial is a research study that is designed to answer health questions. This research study is performed on human volunteers who consent to participating. This article explains some basics of clinical trials and discusses some of the pros and cons of participating in a trial. There are many… Read more »