Patient-Doctor Talk

Sometimes two people can view the same thing in completely different ways. This presentation will illustrate some of the ways that patients and their providers commonly view the same thing in very different ways by sharing views of patients and doctors in a variety of common scenarios. Click the “expand” arrows at the bottom right… Read more »

How to deal with depression

People with chronic pain often suffer from depression. In this lesson, you will: Understand how depression can happen with any chronic medical condition Learn how your mood can have an effect on physical symptoms Learn some ways to break the cycle of depression and pain Click the “expand” arrows at the bottom right of the… Read more »

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Tool

This tool introduces you to a number of different CAM practices. Complementary and alternative medicine practices (often called CAM), are a group of medical practices and products that are not part of conventional medicine, but often are used to support conventional medical approaches. Complementary medicine practices are used together with conventional types of medicine and… Read more »

Back Pain Circle of Care Tool

Most people with back or neck pain go to their primary care doctors as a first step in finding traetment. But many other health care providers are often involved in the treatment of back pain. Although you are not likely to meet all of them, this tool introduces you to what they do, the treatments… Read more »