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Opioid medication and addiction

This lesson will help you learn: What the terms addiction, tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal mean How many people have been prescribed opioids to treat pain, and what percent of them become addicted to the opioid Can a person with a history of addiction, or a person at high risk of addiction, use opioids safely to… Read more »

How to take, store, and dispose of opioid medicine

Opioid medicine can work well for pain relief when used properly. In this lesson about taking your medicine responsibly, you will learn. The importance of taking your opioid medicine as directed How to store your opioid medicine in a safe way How to safely and correctly dispose of leftover medicine Click the “expand” arrows at… Read more »

How to safely try complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

Even when you get the very best medical treatment, it doesn’t always mean that your pain will disappear and you’ll be “cured.” People who think that their usual medical care isn’t helping any longer may decide to look around at other types of treatment. That’s how many people first learn about complementary and alternative medicine… Read more »