Self Management Skills

How to make housework work for you

It’s no surprise that household chores and yard work can be tough on your back. But consider this: If you already have problems with your lower back, it might be hard to get those chores done at all. Just ask anyone with back pain who happens to be looking at a sea of laundry, or… Read more »

How to keep working when you have chronic pain

  You’ve been living with pain for a long time, and you’ve probably heard the phrase, “I can’t find anything wrong with you,” far too many times. You’ve known all along, though, that your pain is real. And now, you’ve finally learned that your pain has a name: It’s called neuropathic pain. How will this diagnosis… Read more »

How to develop a safe exercise program

In this lesson, you will: Understand the benefits of exercise Understand some general guidelines for exercising with back pain Learn how to set personal exercise goals Click the “expand” arrows at the bottom right of the slide screen to see the slideshow in full screen.