How to make housework work for you

  • It’s no surprise that household chores and yard work can be tough on your back. But consider this: If you already have problems with your lower back, it might be hard to get those chores done at all. Just ask anyone with back pain who happens to be looking at a sea of laundry, or at heavy bags of groceries in the car. How are you supposed to handle the daily chores that everyone else seems to take for granted?
  • For most of us, there are tasks that have to be done no matter how we feel. But if household tasks aren’t handled in a back-friendly way, there’s a risk of making your back pain worse. You might even face the ultimate insult: re injuring a back that took months to heal.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if a job seems too big right now. As you start to feel better, you’ll slowly be able to increase your activity level.
  • In this lesson, you’ll learn:
    • How to handle everyday activities while being kind to your back
    • How small changes in chore handling can make a big difference in your everyday life

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