How I get relief from back pain

Contributed by: Michael
Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, May, 2009

I’m 38 years old and I have been suffering from Chronic Back Pain for nearly 3 years now. It was a year and a half since it really started affecting me when I finally saw a doctor for treatment for the symptoms. Then I was diagnosed with this ailment of chronic pain and I also have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I don’t really have any friends or know anyone that directly has this ailment, so I have to get relief from some of the symptoms from some of the following ways.

I like to stretch my muscles, so I include short neck stretches or exercises by rotating my neck in circular motions each way, then I take a deep breath and relax and move my shoulders in circles 8-10 times. Lastly I put my hands on my waist and lean over & stretch my back from left to right, while taking a deep breath in between. I usually do this in the morning.

At night, I often have trouble sleeping, so I use an extra special pressure relieving pillow; I place it under my neck and upper back. This helps at times with pain in that area of the back. I also listen to relaxing music such as classical, light jazz, etc. Occasionally, I find that a hot cup of herbal tea helps me to sleep better when I drink it before bedtime. This helps me get my mind off of the pain that is bothering me often; this might help others also. The last thing I do while in bed: I use a small portable massager late at night, usually right before retiring for the evening. At times I get pain in the lower back area and I found that using a pillow under my waist area to the lower-middle of the back helps soothe the discomfort from the pain.

These simple remedies have helped me over the past year or so and hopefully they will help you too!

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