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Things to be aware of around children

As a parent, you want to protect your children from being hurt or upset. If you have cancer, though, it could be hard to keep your children from learning about your illness. There will be many facts about your diagnosis and treatment that you’ll need to share with your family. Talking to everyone openly and… Read more »

Pain treatment options for cancer

Cancer isn’t always painful, but then again, everyone handles pain differently. You are the only one who truly knows when you’re in pain; it’s important to tell your doctor or nurse when it happens, so that you can manage it together. Keep in mind, though: Treatments that work well for one person might not work… Read more »

Facing the different cancer stages with your family

Cancer is an illness that no one should have to handle alone. Trying to manage on your own can add to the stress of being sick. If it’s hard to ask for help, keep in mind that some people want to lend a hand, but that they may not know what’s needed. Try making a… Read more »

Caring for children when you have cancer

As a parent, you’re used to caring for your children and putting their needs first. As a parent with cancer, though, you may wonder how you’ll go through treatment and still be able to look after your children. It won’t be easy, and there will be times when you’ll feel guilty by making your treatment… Read more »