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When pain returns

“Relapse” means a long setback Unfortunately, chronic pain that lasts for at least 3 to 6 months is hard to cure. While pain can lessen with time there can continue to be good and bad days, improvements and setbacks. A setback, like a period of increased pain, may lead to unhealthy changes in behavior, such… Read more »

Chronic back pain treatment: Myths and realities

Whether you state it or not, you probably have some goals for the outcome of the treatment of your chronic back pain.  Perhaps your goal is to get back to activities you enjoyed before.  In many cases, you want to return to work.  Or maybe you simply want the pain to be reduced to a more tolerable level. You… Read more »

Breakthrough pain: Finding the right balance

The term “breakthrough pain” was originally coined by anesthesiologists. After surgery, patients are almost always given some type of post-operative pain medication. Sometimes, however, pain “breaks through” the medication’s ability to control pain. In recent years, breakthrough pain has come to mean any pain that occurs despite pain medication. The meaning of the term is… Read more »

That aching back: What helps, what harms

The standard treatment for back pain used to be bed rest and pain relievers.  Today, back specialists advise doing physical activity as soon as your pain and back condition allow. When you don’t move, you lose flexibility, strength and endurance.  Physical activity can reduce pain and help speed recovery. Guidelines for treatment of new acute back… Read more »