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Don’t be afraid to discuss money with your health care provider

Money is not a topic that health care providers and patients often discuss.  But health care providers need to know as much as possible about you to plan for your best medical care.  How able you are to afford health care related expenses, without causing a major impact on your life, is important for your… Read more »

Communication: Improve your game

Would you like to improve your communication skills? Effective communication involves both talking and listening. It can be compared to a game of catch in which the words are the ball. This article will try to give you a different way to think about your “communication game.” The pitcher and the catcher If communication is the game… Read more »

Young children: When is it time to talk about cancer?

You need to tell your children that you have cancer, but you’ve been waiting for the right time. There’s never a “perfect” time, though, to give this kind of news to young children. When to talk When talking with children who are less than six years old, pick a time when they can pay attention… Read more »

Young children: Should they be involved with my care?

Young children like to help their parents. When it comes to caring for you at home, though, how much should children under the age of 6 be expected to help? The answer depends on the ages of your children, and your relationship with them. Keep in mind that young children have short attention spans. Any… Read more »

Being pain free, just for a moment

Contributed by: Lori S. Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, November 2008   My husband wakes me up with a kiss on my forehead to say ‘goodbye’ before he leaves for work. He is smiling and asks me how I am feeling. This is the hardest question for me to answer. My lower back is stiff… Read more »

Talking to your children about migraines

Many parents worry about what and how much to tell their children when they are in pain. Some people think they are protecting their children by avoiding the subject. But children are very observant and usually sense when a parent is not feeling well. When you don’t tell them about your pain, they may feel… Read more »