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Clinical trials: What you need to know

A clinical trial is a research study that is designed to answer health questions. The research study is performed on human volunteers. This article explains some basics of clinical trials and gives you the pros and cons of participating. There are several types of clinical trials Treatment trials, test possible new treatments, including medications Prevention… Read more »

Pain in the wallet: Affording back pain care

Chronic back pain often not only affects your physical health but also your financial health. Medical expenses and lost wages can impact your income and lifestyle and cause more stress and worry than dealing with your health problems. It’s easy to forget this fact when you are focused on immediate medical needs, but the sooner… Read more »

Too much too soon? Pacing your activities

Having back pain may limit your activities but it doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato. On the contrary, back specialists recommend doing as much physical activity as your pain allows. Too little activity weakens the muscles and reduces flexibility. Even walking a few feet or a few blocks, if that is all… Read more »

Making the most of your medical visits

It’s easy to become distracted, nervous, and unable to concentrate or think as clearly as usual during a medical appointment – especially one for a pain problem. Health care providers typically have busy schedules and may often be pressed for time. If you feel pressure during the appointment it may be difficult to stay focused… Read more »

That aching back: What helps, what harms

The standard treatment for back pain used to be bed rest and pain relievers.  Today, back specialists advise doing physical activity as soon as your pain and back condition allow. When you don’t move, you lose flexibility, strength and endurance.  Physical activity can reduce pain and help speed recovery. Guidelines for treatment of new acute back… Read more »