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Young children: How much to say about cancer?

Having chosen to talk with your children under age 6 honestly about your cancer, you may now be worried about how much information you can and should provide. The following may serve as a basic guide for how much to share. What your young child needs to know Even if you don’t have all the… Read more »

School-age children: Should I share my fears?

It’s important to be honest with children between the ages of six and twelve, because they can be good at figuring out how a parent feels. But it’s also important to show your feelings in a way that gives them the least amount of worry. Try not to lean on your children as your main… Read more »

School-age children: How to talk with them about pain

School-age children are very good at figuring out how their parents are feeling. They can also understand when a parent is in pain. Let your children know if pain is keeping you from your daily routines, or if it’s affecting your mood or your overall well-being. Talking about your pain It’s important to be honest… Read more »

Do I tell my teenager I could die?

Most people who are diagnosed with cancer worry about dying. When your teenager hears about your illness, he may also start worrying about your chances of dying. Should the two of you talk about it? While you make up your mind, think about these issues: If your doctor is hopeful about your chances of getting… Read more »

Being pain free, just for a moment

Contributed by: Lori S. Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, November 2008   My husband wakes me up with a kiss on my forehead to say ‘goodbye’ before he leaves for work. He is smiling and asks me how I am feeling. This is the hardest question for me to answer. My lower back is stiff… Read more »

What’s the worst that could happen?

What is catastrophizing? Have you ever woken up with greater-than-normal back pain and thought, “Oh no! It’s going to be a bad pain day!” Your attention is completely on your physical pain and you can’t possibly get past the experience. Then, your mind goes on a journey of its own. Are the following thoughts familiar?… Read more »

Back in the bedroom: Sex and back pain

The well-known sex expert, “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer, Ed.D., has said, “The most important sex organ lies between the ears”. This fact is so widely accepted that the quote appears on a Food and Drug Administration website! Since the mind and the body both influence how sexuality is felt and expressed, both need to be thought… Read more »

Why physical therapy?

If you have back pain, you may benefit from physical therapy, a well-established method for treating all types of back conditions.  Using techniques such as therapeutic exercise, functional training, mobilization/manipulation, massage, electrotherapy and ultrasound, physical therapists help restore function, reduce pain and prevent disability. When should you see a physical therapist for back pain? If… Read more »

Chronic back pain treatment: Myths and realities

Whether you state it or not, you probably have some goals for the outcome of the treatment of your chronic back pain.  Perhaps your goal is to get back to activities you enjoyed before.  In many cases, you want to return to work.  Or maybe you simply want the pain to be reduced to a more tolerable level. You… Read more »

Going to the source: How back pain begins

Knowledge is power!  The more you know about back pain, the better you can manage it.  In this article, you will learn: The three major categories of back pain The most common causes of back pain The symptoms used to diagnose the source of your pain. A closer look at the spine Your back extends… Read more »