My experience trying to get help for pain control

Contributed by: Debbie
Reviewed by: Evelyn Corsini, MSW, May 2012


Debbie is 58 and lives in Indiana. She has a number of health problems causing pain including arthritis, neuropathy, sarcoidosis, and degenerative and bulging discs.


My experience trying to get help for pain control is to never go to a pain doctor again.  Two out of three office calls ended in tears and a doctor refusing to treat me because I went for a second opinion. He concluded when I went for a second opinion that I was a drug abuser and a doctor shopper. I have NEVER abused ANY medication in my life. There is truly no help for people with chronic pain conditions and I have given up on pain specialists. I will never go to another one after what I’ve been through.

I think the people who are looking for strong drugs are ruining our healthcare for us people that honestly need help. I was only looking for a doctor that could help me live a half way normal productive life. I don’t seek out doctors. I’ve been with my GP for 36 years. As a result of the treatment I received from the pain doctor, I will never seek out another pain doctor. I will learn to deal with my pain in my own way.  Honestly, I feel there is no way to turn for people with chronic pain conditions. So…I give up. As I’m sure many others have too.

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